Friday, April 11, 2008

Holly and baby...

This is beautiful, past-due, Holly BEFORE she had her baby this week. I meant to post this right after we got our nails done that day, but you all know how life is... next thing I know a week-and-a-half has passed and the wonderful news has hit that Holly had her beautiful baby boy this week. SO happy for them! We sure love you, Holly! You're absolutely beautiful even 9+ months preggo, m'dear. Can't wait to meet the little guy!

Jill Jackson & Becca Holt

It was so much fun to have Jill Jackson (JJ) in town! She is still living in NYC (see you there this summer, JJ) despite all of our efforts to get her to relocate to Utah. Becca Holt is actually the one who introduced me to Jill back at BYU in 1994 or so, and all of us lived in DC together for a time. Becca is now just up the street from me and it's been so wonderful to see so much of her this last year. We had them all over for dinner this week to celebrate Becca's birthday. Love you guys!

Kristen & Adam Anthony In Town!

Kristen and Adam (and Luke!) Anthony were in town for General Conference weekend last week and I got to meet little Luke in person! What a cutie he is - no wonder Kristen is so enamoured with him! Kristen's friend, Raina, also lives in SLC with her family, so I joined them for lunch last Saturday afternoon. It was so wonderful to see them all. Kristen and I became friends before I ever moved to Newport Beach (a friend of a friend type of acquaintance through Heather Fortuna) and we became FAST friends. She is truly one of the best friends I have ever had (don't get me started...the girl is funny, feisty, feminine, creative, loyal, honest, beautiful, spiritual...). So great to see you, Kristen!
I held Luke for a while and didn't want to give him back! He's got the cutest little smile and dimple and they had some pretty funny stories about him.

Kayla, Kay-Dawg, Cracker-K, K-Dog-Diggity-Dig-Dog-Da-Dig-Dog

There is so much that I could say about my beautiful, amazing, Kayla! Kayla is my best friend in the whole world (next to my own's all the same) and I am so grateful for, and have so much fun with, her! Her personality just keeps getting more and more entertaining and dynamic, and hanging out with her, even if we're just running errands, is a blast. She's got phenomenal taste (helps me decorate our house, pick outfits, etc.) and very interesting interests. She's smarter than I ever was at her age and is so diligent on her own with homework and chores, responsibilities, etc. She's so easy to love! In this picture we were making one of those tie-blankets last week and it turned out so cute - matches the pinks in her room perfectly.
Kayla also loves babies more than you could ever know - and they love her. It's amazing how drawn she is to a complete stranger's baby, and also how good and fun and quiet babies seem to be with her when she holds them! Anyway, she is just beautiful inside and out and I (we) love her so so much.

My Boy Nate

This is Nate (on the right) and his best friend, Parker Swainston, a few Sunday's back walking home from church. I just wanted to take a few moments to talk about Nate and what impresses me so much about him. Where you could look at this picture and see two boys who look like church-going angels, it is probably no surprise to hear that they have "another" side to their personalities. It's true - they are "all boy" as Nate often reminds me (usually when he's covered in dirt and about to sit down to dinner having not washed his hands). They play pretty hard and make a lot of noise to say the least. This picture, though, really does depict how good Nate is... he's obedient and sensitive, and (truthfully) spiritual beyond measure. I'm often touched by his acts of service, his detailed nighttime prayers, his patience, and his work-ethic. I don't know where he came from, but it's probably a combination of Matt doing a really REALLY good job as a single parent for so long, and also that something special that Nate just brought with him innately. On top of that, he's so dang FUN. I love this kid. From the way he answers the phone when he sees that it's me calling ("Maaammmaaaa Maaammmaaa... a.k.a. ma-ma... ma-ma"... those who've heard it know exactly what I'm trying to spell out here in his funny voice. Who told him what "a.k.a." means?), to the way he climbs on me to give me the biggest, strongest hugs. It is an honor to be his mother and to learn from him as he grows. He's popular and doesn't know it (or doesn't care about it) and he's smart and doesn't brag about it. I'm just impressed with him and proud of him in every way. Now if I could just get him to pick up his socks/shoes/toys/dirty clothes... PS - his friend, Parker, is pretty fantastic, too.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Washington, DC - Cherry Blossoms, Friends & a Wedding

We had SUCH a great time in Washington, DC last weekend. This is a picture of Heather (Fortuna) and Michael Bush at one of my favorite restaurants, The Carlyle Grand Cafe. Heather and Michael just got married a few months ago and Heather is one of my best friends in the whole world!! So great to see you guys!
The purpose of our trip was to attend another dear friend's (Kristina Khona) wedding. Kristina and Aaron met and live in NYC, but Kristina and I used to live in DC at the same time and also worked in the DC temple together for years. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding. Congratulations Kristina and Aaron - we love you so much!
We had fondue at Amber's house on Friday night - you'll see a couple shots like this. How cute is Matt... I always want to kiss him, but you add chocolate to the mix and he's even more tempting! (My kids will think that's so gross...) Sweet Matt was thinking of Kayla the entire weekend with all of the flowers in bloom in DC at this time of year. Every time we passed by some (whether it be a park or a gas station) he wanted to take a picture to show Kayla. He's such a good dad.
I love how much my friends adore Matt and Matt adores them, and I always hoped that whoever I married would really get how important to me my friends are. This is Amber, Jill Chappel (aka Chappy) and Matt piled on Amber's couch.
Another dear friend is Richelle Hobbs - oh how I love this girl (she's the one in the red sweater). She joined our fondue party and we all ended up telling stories until 2am. Talk about being sleepy and still laughing at the same time...
Kristina and Aaron were sealed in the Washington, DC Temple, and it was so much fun to take Matt there with me. I worked there for 7 years and have talked about it so much to him. It was a beautiful day outside, too, and I loved being back there with Matt.
So at 3:15am on Sunday morning, March 30, there was a crazy car accident outside the window. This truck was (obviously) upside down and there were other cars involved, too. Soon there were 5 fire trucks and 5 ambulances, police cars, etc... pretty dramatic RIGHT outide your window!

Me, Matt and Amber at the Rio on Friday night.