Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kayla... sooo pretty.

Kayla & Jessica and the tiniest dog I've ever seen!
Jessica & Kayla and their music teacher, Mrs. Jones.
Kayla was just walking around the house this particular Sunday and she caught my eye - she's just so pretty and growing up so fast in this last year that I couldn't help taking pictures of her. Matt adores his girl(s)!!!

Lisa Lybbert's Wedding! August 9, 2008

Lisa & David Piantanida!

Snowbird, Utah
Cher, Lisa & Caroline at the reception
Jen, Cherstyn, Lisa, Caroline, Rachel at the reception

Dad's Birthay - August 14, 2008

( What fun to have Dad in town (Mom was with him for the whole summer except for the last little bit when she had to get back to St. George, and Dad stayed to watch some grand kids) for his birthday!! We sure love you, Dad!
(L to R: Cher, Kayla, Nate, Sydney, Dad, Connor, Michael, John, Laurie, James, Tresa, Jordan, Ashlee, Aliyah)

Sam & Sam's Wedding!

Of course I don't have a picture of the beautiful bride and groom (working on that...) but we did have a fun time and some family shots turned out. Sam & Sam are friends through my brother, John's family, and they just got married on August 1st... pictures soon.

Nate & Kayla's Birthdays - July 20th & Aug. 1st

Nate and Parker up at Solitude for some birthday biking.
Family/Friends/Neighborhood joint birthday parties!
Backyard pyramid - this is their 4th try...
Julie, Cherstyn, Kristen
Of course the girls all congregated off in the corner together...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Outter Banks, NC with the Girls - August 10-13, 2008

Every year the DC girls get back together again at the Outter Banks, North Carolina. I haven't been able to go in the last few years and I'm so happy we made it happen this year. Love you guys!
JJ and Caroline with Jill's pina coladas
Up all hours of the night watching the Olympics!

Emily in Town - August 22-24, 2008

Hot Matt in the mountains!! On our way hiking up to Red Pine Lake.
Nate, Kayla, Emily and Cher crossing a bridge on our hike.
Pretty pretty Emily.
Family photo, Matt style...

Market Street Grill with Mark Raymond.
Kayla & Nate digging for fresh water shrimp - such fun kids!

Summer Visits with Friends!!

August 30, 2008 - Amber Sechrist in town from DC. LOVE this girl!
Wonderful family friends, the Dahlquist's, met us for dinner this summer while my parents were in town. When I grew up in the Sandy Granite South Stake, President Dahlquist was my Stake President and I always adored his family. It was a fun reunion since my parents don't always have an opportunity to reconnect with friends in SLC.
Shawni Pothier was in town and we met for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. She's still as beautiful inside and out as she always has been, and it was wonderful to catch up in person. Shawni has always been such a wonderful listener and gives great feedback. Wonderful to see you and hear about your life, Shawni!
Doug & Karen McMinn invited a fun group over to Karen's parent's home this summer and invited long-lost friends Liz and Andrew Florence. It was WONDERFUL to see Doug & Karen again (waaaayyy tooo long!) and to reconnect with Liz & Andrew. It will be fun to get together with the Florence's here in SLC, and we look forward to Doug and Karen's next visit!!! Thanks for having us!
On August 30th was Whitney Klomp's bridal shower. SO happy for you, Whit!
You are beautiful!
Office party picture of the girls from the UAR! Deanna, Kaci, myself, and Megan.

Nothing like a visit from Traci Rampton and lunch with the girls at Nordy's Cafe! So great to see you, Traci! (August 27, 2008)