Monday, February 18, 2008

Sushi Night!

Scott and Erika came over last night and treated us all to hand-rolled/home made sushi! Scott and Glen (Goodsell... who is in town with his son, Noah) met years ago when Scott was Glen's fly-fishing guide. Matt was then introduced, and we've had fun double-dating with them and getting to know them better. Scott is an amazing sushi chef! Take a look at what he did (he even tempura-fried some for me! I love anything tempura fried...!).
This is Scott and Erika Shubin with Scott's impressive display! Thank you, Scott and Erika!

If Geese is Plural for Goose, is Meese Plural for Moose?

Kenny and Pam Moser go up to an area near Jackson Hole each year (called Moose, Wyoming), and they've invited us for a couple of years in a row, now. Obviously we were honeymooning last year, but this year we were totally in and had a blast! There are these individual little cabins that each couple stays in (there were 7-8 couples) and then a center lodge where a chef prepared the most amazing meals throughout the day for us. At night we watch movies and play cards (or in our case, backgammon) and then get up in the morning to breakfast and the most intense snowmobiling. Guides take you back into these mountains, as there aren't groomed trails! The cool thing about having multiple guides, and staying at an all-inclusive dude ranch, is that every time your sled gets buried (often in my case!), the guide digs you out! Matt LOVED this!

There were so many moose wandering around each day - we saw hundreds of them. Thanks for inviting us Kenny and Pam!

First Anniversary, February 3, 2008!

Happy First Anniversary! We had SUCH a fun anniversary weekend. We started off with Friday night taking the kids out for a "family anniversary" - we went to Thanksgiving Point to a restaurant called Harvest. Then we went to see the movie August Rush.

This was the nice display that the Grand America Hotel left for us in our room. When Matt made the hotel reservation they had it in their system that we had our wedding there a year ago, and they were very attentive to us on our anniversary... very fun.

We took this picture while waiting for our train!

Family photo for the one-year anniversary!

I'm spoiled by these two...

So here's a shot from inside the train (not really a train... it's "trax" in Salt Lake City). Matt and I had this great idea to take trax downtown for our anniversary get-away so that we could feel like we were really traveling somewhere. Corny as it is, it was actually really fun and it started off and ended the trip in a different way. Matt is so much fun to hang out with - I knew this before I married him but I love to constantly rediscover this about him.

Cute Matt outside our train stop.

Our room was so nice! There was a separate sitting area from where the bed/TV was; like a little apartment.