Monday, December 15, 2008

Whitney & Tom Gourley's Wedding: Oct.24th & 25th, 2009

We are so happy for Whitney and Tom!!! What a wonderful weekend, and reconnecting with the DC girls at the same time was a blast (see all of their blogs)!! Whit and Tom were married in the Salt Lake Temple on October 24th and had a beautiful ring ceremony and reception at Sundance on the 25th. The girls all had a sleep over at Traci Rampton's in-laws home (not a lot of sleep that night...) and it was wonderful to be with Whitney again so much that week.
The girls outside the SL Temple: Adrienne, Jill, Mauri, Kathy,
Anna, Catherine, Claudia, Traci and Cher

Inside the Sundance reception - sane group, adding in Whitney (gorgeous bride)!