Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend with the Stockwells

Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008
Lot's of Stockwell kids (and this is only a fraction of 'em).
The "moms" took off to get mani/pedi's while the kids stayed with Grandma Sue.
Each Easter Sunday, Grandma Sue (Stockwell) has this wonderful tradition of going through the Easter story from the scriptures by placing little symbols in individual plastic eggs, along with the scriptural reference that applies. The kids can each take a turn reading through the whole story and sharing it with us.
After the easter egg hunt!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Deanna & James in Town March 6th-8th!

We have been so spoiled with visitors this last week! Deanna and James are the kids' aunt and uncle in town from Wisconsin (Deanna is Kara's sister) whose wedding the kids were actually in last August! We had so much fun with them in town - snowboarding, snowmobiling and a special dinner to honor Kara's birthday on last Saturday night. Please come again soon!

Sarah Shelden in Town March 7th!

Sarah may kill me for posting this but how could I not??? Aren't they a beautiful couple...

Chappy in Town March 4th!

We love it when Jill comes to town! So much fun. I was stuck at work a little late so she hung out with Matt and Kayla for a few until I pulled in, and I've been hearing about her High School Musical songs that she entertained Kayla with ever since. Miss you, Jill!

Holly's Baby Shower - March 1st!

So excited to meet Holly's baby very soon! We had a very fun shower for her earlier this month and are so happy for the Jacobsen's!!!

Matt's Perfect Day... Ugh...

This is a "perfect day" for Matt and Nate. Kayla and me? Not so much... This was Martin Luther King Day in January and I'm still recovering. And, yes, this is Nate snowmobiling in our FRONT YARD. AnyWHERE, anytime...