Sunday, October 31, 2010

Matt Knows What It's Like to Be Pregnant

In our first prenatal class our instructor had the men wear an "Empathy Belly" - and not just try it on, but wear it for a couple of hours each. The thing is filled with weights and weighs 30 lbs. (and had "boobs"). Shortly he was replicating my waddle and the good news is it worked - EMPATHY acheived - as he was even more aware of helping me, my off center-of-balance, etc. It even puts pressure on your bladder, so he had to go to the bathroom, chuckling on the way there. He looks cute pregnant, don't you think?

St. George - Oct. 1-3, 2010

We had a wonderful time in St. George with Grammy and Grandpa! This night we went to Tarzan at the Tuacahn.

During the day we went to Sand Hollow for swimming, cliff jumping and fishing. Matt caught himself with a rapala, only to not want to deal with it at the moment, so we cut it off with wire cutters, then put a band-aid over the remainder of the hooks that were left in his back, and only after a day of swimming and playing, plus going to Priesthood Session, did our friend Jeff Chapman take it out for him. Playing is the priority, no matter what is stuck in your back!

Real Soccer Game - Sept. 25

The whole family LOVES soccer - this night we went to the Real Salt Lake game.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Bringhurst's Cabin - Sept. 25th

Thanks, Bringhurst's, for a wonderful day at your cabin - we love you!