Friday, November 28, 2008

Dinner with Frank Abagnale, October 24

If you haven't seen the movie Catch Me If You Can you may not be that familiar with Frank Abagnale, but I remember seeing that movie and being astonished that it was based on a true story. Matt and I attended a dinner at The Grand America Hotel with Matt's parents and were so excited to hear Frank Abagnale address the group as the keynote. We did not leave disappointed and I am now eager to read his autobiography, and am so inspired by what he's learned, what he teaches, and how he is so apply able to transfer that wisdom to others. His version of his life differed a little from the movie, but not by much, and he explained why there were some creative licenses taken with his story when it was made into a motion picture.

Pumkin Patch & Halloween!

First of all, the trees in our neighborhood look like this during the fall, and I wish this picture could do it justice because the streets look like they are on fire - it's beautiful.
Dad carved the best pumpkin this year & took great pride in it. It was pretty cool - see below!

Dad and the kids at our carving-fest!

Kayla and some cousins picking out their favorite pumpkins.

No, that was not Matt's final selection - I think he knew I would decorate with some fun small ones, but it still looks funny that he's carrying that one around while the kids were carrying gigantic ones!

Natalie, Kayla & Lauren

The Stockwell gang!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

California... this time with the kids! Oct. 15-19

Noah, Kayla, Sarah at Salt Creek

Nate, Kayla & Mira at RFD!!

Shaun & Matt

We love the Goodsells!! Glen, Faye, Tess & Noah (pictured here), we miss you!

Mira, Nate & Kayla at Universal Studios with Sponge Bob...

Matt & Cher at Salt Creek

Matt in his happy place...

Great Nate

Matt's favorite bird...the Great Blue Heron

We spent an afternoon with the Eichenberg's in Newport Beach. Such dear friends that I wish we could see more of! They took us out on the "Duffy" to the Cannery for lunch, and then back to their house for a few hours. Bob let Nate and Kayla drive the Duffy...they're pros!