Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nate's Snowmobiling Video - His 1st Cornice!!

Shaun and Emily in Town, February '09

Mira and her grandpa on a ski lift.
Mira did an AWESOME job on skis for the first time! Go Mira!

Mira, you have the best dad in the world - he even helped ME a lot as I was learning to ski!

Very cute cousins.

Favorite man in my life, and a close second!

Shaun and Nate charging Solitude.

Shaun, MJ, Dad, Cher, Nate, Matt, Kayla

Mira and Shaun on a snowmobile up at Daniel's Summit!

And that would be Matt...who else would take a jump and be able to look at the camera at the same time (okay, maybe Nate).

PG-13 snowmobile-style.

Not that you can tell, but this is Kayla, Shaun, Nate, Emily and Mira.

Cher and Emily - LOVE you, Emily!

Mira and Kayla - crazy Mira and Kayla.

And with helmets off - Kayla, Matt, Nate, Cher, Emily, Shaun, Mira

Nate goes large. Yes, the kid is 10...and on a 450 lb. snowmobile. Oh my...

Matt's Birthday Party - February 28th (obviously not on his actual b-day)

Of COURSE there was a little "incident" with Pete and the snowmobile... Notice he's in the trees... snowmobile's are not supposed to be PART of the trees. Love ya, Pete!
Matt and Jared - if it's not surfing it's something in the snow. I've only ever seen these two together when they're doing at least one of those things...

This is part of what made Matt's birthday so perfect.

Matt and Syd...aka "squidums"

Brothers Stockwell

Jill, Becs, Matt, Cher, Abby, Chris

Anyone who knows Matt knows he loves Rice Krispy Treats... enough to want them for his birthday cake. Goes against everything Martha Stewart in me... but I'll do it for love.

Could anyone have serenaded Matt better for his birthday than Paul Jacobsen? If you haven't seen Paul Jacobsen and the Madison Arm, you MUST. Thanks, Paul! Your rendition of The Cars' Just What I Needed truly made the party.

Abby and Chris

Jones' and Swainston's

Adam, Nicole, Jared and Tresa

The beloved Rice Krispy Treats cake

Jon and Debbie

And to perfect the night even further, Scott and his famous sushi skills.

Ryan, Marianne and Debbie
Happy Birthday, Matt! I hope you felt loved and adored!!! Your family and friends think the world of you and want you to know that you don't look a day over 30....!!