Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lot's of Stuff - Family Sealing, Kayla's 16th, Homecoming, Girls DC Trip for Sal's Bday, and more...

This is today, October 11th, and Matt wanted to catch a shot of Luke and his pointer finger - he uses this like crazy, but not for long, and it's the cutest thing...

Random shot of Luke on Sept. 28th

Kayla's Homecoming Dance last month - she's so beautiful and we can't believe she can date and drive and has a job and runs cross country and get's amazing grades...shall I go on? Kayla I want to be just like you when I grow up!!

Luke didn't know what to think of all of us gathered around taking pictures of Kay.

So cute!

Sometime in September we took this picture of Nate and Luke, ready for the tub. Love the fat.

We love his little hands.

In September I was able to fly out to DC to join all of my friends for a surprise birthday party for Sarah. She was SO surprised, and her reaction made me cry - we love her so much and wanted so badly for her to feel loved and surprised. It totally worked! She had no idea.

Fun to be with the gang again!

The night I flew into town we had dinner with Camille, Kory and Karen. First time for me away from the baby and it was tough (I'm a rookie) but it was so great to be with these girls. I learn so much from these women and am so grateful they are my friends.

In August Auntie Nicole and Mira came to town and Nicole took the kids to "Afternoon Tea" at the Grand America Hotel. This quickly became a tradition as they are already talking about her next visit. She taught them manners and they had fun. Here's Mira, Nate and Shaun

I had to take a picture of this cup before I tossed it. It's the 32 oz. cup they gave me in the hospital when I had Luke, and it was by my bedside for months, literally until August, because when you're nursing you are so thirsty all of the time. It was cracked and broken and time go.

In August we had a big family birthday party for Dad Don at Marie Calendars. Here's John, Tre, Syd, and Ian.

Me, Mom, Luke. The next one is so cute...


Laurie and Dan's clan!

Kayla, Nate, Ash, Shaun (and Dad's head!)

Melissa, Gavin, Syd

Cute Dad and Uncle Ed!

Luke in August and the Montage Deer Valley

Kayla's 16th Birthday Party! She wanted to have a water fight/whipped cream fight. See below.

Finally, our temple sealing day on March 4th. Luke is just 2 1/2 months old!

Salt Lake Temple
March 4, 2011

This video below is great - short, and ends funny...