Thursday, January 22, 2009

Webber Holiday Party, December 21, 2008

Nancy & Steve's clan!
Cher & Tre

Our crazy clan... normal picture to follow. Check out Connor!

There you go.

The Thompson clan (and thank you for hosting us at your home Layne & Carly)!

Awww... cute John and Tre

Nancy, Mom & Uncle Rick

Twilight Night

The movie Twilight premiered in November and Matt and I bought 10 tickets so that Kayla could see it with all of her friends. I think the photo's speak for themselves...

We liked the movie, too, but not as much as these girls!

Christmas at Temple Square

We went downtown to Temple Square to see the lights while Bob, Suz and Ellie were in town, with all of the Stockwell cousins.

I love this picture...

Dad's Heart Surgery, November 2008

In November my sweet dad underwent triple bypass surgery, and we are so happy to report that he came through it beautifully. They even took a picture of his heart while they were operating and brought it out to the ICU waiting room to show us. When I told Matt about this, he asked me if dad's heart looked beautiful, because to him, dad's is the most beautiful heart he's ever seen. When dad woke up after the surgery, with tubes in his mouth, etc., I told him what Matt had said, and he got these sweet tears in his eyes.
Here we are on the day after the surgery!

San Francisco! November and December 2008

Amalia and Gordon were SO nice as to offer us their home while we were in San Fran. Look how darling it is! Thanks, guys - we love you!

These pictures are in kind of random order, but I'll just go with it... We spent some time in San Francisco in November and December, and had a great time with family and friends. This is my friend Kristen Anthony, obviously about to deliver her little boy, Charlie!

Cousins climbing trees!

Crazy cousins!

Chinese lunch (that was not that great, to be honest...). The company was wonderful, though!

More time with the Anthony's! Thai food...much better!

Matt, Sarah, me and Karen at Karen's house. Dave's not in the picture but he was there, too. We love you guys!

Sarah, Amalia (who's beautiful house is posted), me and Karen.